Don’t waste time and money marketing to the wrong people


Target Client Research

  • Do you know who your ideal customer is?
  • Do you know where your ideal client is?
  • Do you speak your clients language?

Target client research is a vital tool in determining the fate of your business.  It will be easier to market your niche since that you know who and where you can post it up for your prospective clients.  It is actually short and effective if you fully understand your held niche however this often misunderstood and seem like a guessing game for beginners.

With consulting services and complete start-up package it would no longer be a dilemma. Socratic SBC is a company that truly cares for aspiring entrepreneurs. Anyone can have ideas but the right executions to it may be done out of confusions. Here are few of the benefits you can get for consulting services:

  • Client base relationship building. To enable effective target client research since that thorough research will be given studying the particular niche of the business you would want to start off.
  • Mailing lists and blogging. Help you out by finding the closely possible clients for your niche. This is based on your business location, products and services to offer.



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