Legal Incorporation

Establishing a sound legal foundation is an essential first step for any commercial enterprise. You need to be sure that you have understood and addressed all the issues in law that face new businesses when you start out on your new business venture. The legal incorporation of your company literally establishes it as an entity in its own right in law, with all the implications that can have for you as your business grows and moves forward.

The proper legal incorporation of your company is vitally important. It helps separate you from your business and safeguards your personal assets. It helps you determine who owns what in your business and makes it easier for you to sell the company on in the future, if you choose to. It also helps determine the tax position and credit rating of your business independently of your own personal standing. It particularly deals with important administrative matters such as financial reporting obligations, shareholder meetings, voting rights and the ways in which communications are handled.

There are many benefits to you in making sure this important aspect of your new business is handled properly and effectively. Engaging professional help will give you the security of knowing that all the necessary legal aspects of the incorporation of your company have been managed correctly, all papers have been filed properly and any local and state corporate by-laws have been considered. You want the reassurance of knowing that the legal incorporation of your business has been managed by professionals who have experience and specialised knowledge of this aspect of business law.

With your business properly established in law, you can get on with your dream of business ownership. Our Small Business Consulting service will take care of all of these important matters for you, providing you with the confidence that derives from knowing that no important detail of this complex process has been overlooked by our business experts.



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