Consulting Services

Most businessmen start it all their success out because of great ideas in mind. But then again it is a lot harder for some who do not know how to make these ideas come into reality. This is the reason why reliable service provider companies offer consulting package to basically get into this first step dilemma solving. What are the elements included in a consulting package? From the legal requirements completion up to the most detailed services like graphic designing. Giving consultations for the requirements needed to accomplish these and how important it is to provide the requirements. Furthermore, business branding ideas are included just like choosing the best graphic designs and themes for the company website. Also, if there are features need to be improved in your proposed designs. Professional logo creation, corporate website designs and company website creation are just few of the many graphic designs need to be accomplished. These things further enhanced website impact since that you are creating a more legit business status. Business name is a major element in branding too for it is an identity of your business career. Registering it to your state is very important for you to protect your rights as a business owner. With consulting package there are legal issues that will be resolved like of finding out whom other firm has this name.

Legal Establishment

  • Do you have any business ideas, but don’t know how to start?
  • Have you always dreamed of starting a business, but don’t have any idea?
  • Do you have a business, but needs informative guidelines to do?

Then Socratic SBC is here to help you. We've been in the business from brainstorming ideas to implementation from quite some time now, and we can exactly help you get the right information you need.

With Socratic SBC we can be your reliable consultant for all your questions. Experienced Business Attorney – Do you have legal questions or issues? If you don’t have any idea in legal business transactions; our attorney can help you with that.

  • How does the ownership divided between two or more owners?
  • What are the fees involved when choosing a business structure?
  • Do you have plans to take your business in public?
  • You want to be a corporation? If that’s the case then; what kind?

These things all demand careful considerations. Not sure where to start? Well, that's why we're here. Socratic SBC has the expertise and knowledge to answer all these questions and help you develop a business structure that meets the needs of your company. From choosing the correct business structure to filing up the required paperwork; Socratic SBC's team will walk with you through the process step-by-step. So let's get started in building your business' foundation. Contact us! Bring Us an Idea...You'll Leave with a Foundation


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