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When the world wide web first became a business tool, it was enough that a company had a website. Building and running websites was a technical skill, not a business skill, and the burden of getting the company online was often something that the IT specialists did. But as the web developed, it became clear that it was content that was the driving force for business, not technical accomplishment.

Websites need new content regularly. Specialists call this making your website 'sticky', i.e. ensuring that content on your website is renewed often to encourage people to keep coming back to see what has changed. Keeping your website fresh will help you retain customers and give them a reason to return, to see what is new with your company. Because of the volume of information available to consumers, they are more likely to go on somewhere else if the websites they visit do not change their content frequently enough to retain their interest.

There are all sorts of reasons why a company should delegate the maintenance of its website to experts. Not least of these is that technologies and platforms change all the time. Can you be sure that your staff have the specialist knowledge to keep on top of this fast-moving environment? Maintenance might be as simple as updating content on a planned and regular basis. It might involve auditing your website for redundant information or adding or deleting information in times of emergency.

Planned, properly managed website maintenance will benefit all aspects of your business, from enquiries about specific products or services through to general awareness of your company in a crowded marketplace. Our Small Business Consulting professionals can manage the process of maintaining your website on a one-off or subscription basis, taking the burden of hoping that your website is up to date away from you and leaving you free to do what you do best.

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