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            設為HOT热竞技  |  加入收藏
             本站HOT热竞技 | 學院概況 | 教學工作 | 科學研究 | 學生工作 | 黨建思政 | 師資隊伍 | 教工之家 | 校友之窗 | 院內下載 | English 
             Department of Automation 
             Department of Testing Technology and Instruments 
             Department of Electronic Information and Communication Engineering 
             Department of Electrical Engineering 
             Department of Electrical and Electronic 
             Lab Center 
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            Department of Automation

            Training target: Theaim of our major is to cultivate engineering technology foundation and certain professional knowledge in a wide range of fields, such as electrical technology, electronic technology, control theory, automatic detection and instrumentation, information processing, system engineering, computer technology and application and network technology.The senior technical staffs will be cultivated who engaged in system analysis, system design, system operation, scientific and technological development and research in the fields of operation control, industrial process control, power electronic technology, detection and automation instrumentation, technology of electronics and computers, information processing, management and decision.

            Main courses:Circuit Principle; Electronic Technique Foundations; Microcomputer Principium;Computer Software Technology; Electrical Machines and Drives; Power Electronic Technology;Theory of Automatic control; Signals and Systems; Principle of Automatic Detection and Instrumentation; Computer Control System; Introduction to System Engineering, Artificial intelligence.

            Professional scope: large and medium-sized enterprises, design institutes, research institutes, power electronics  enterprises

            About our faculty:  Qing-kai Kong (Dean), Fei Li (Associate dean), Xiang-hu Meng (Associate dean), Qing-kai Kong (Secretary of the department), Ming-he Li, Han-dong Zhang, Wei Fang, Feng-qi Yao, Yi-fan Liu, Wei Wang, Fei Chen, Rong-bo He, Ding Li.